The Tensiometer Tube - an inexpensive tube filled with water. It has a porous ceramic tip at the bottom and a rubber stopper in the top (see diagram). This tube is installed into the ground where you want to measure the soil moisture.

The Gauge - a very accurate electronic vacuum gauge. This is used to measure the vacuum (or suction) at the top of the tubes. The Standard Gauge (Model SST101G) reads the vacuum in the tensiometer tube. You note down the readings and add this to your plots of soil moisture. The Computer Gauge (Model SST102G) stores readings along with the tube ID. time and date. This is downloaded to your PC using the Moisture Plot software, supplied with the gauge.

The System - A complete system consists of several monitoring sites around the area to be irrigated. Each site needs two or three tubes of different lengths. This allows for the monitoring of soil moisture at various depths and movement of moisture through the soil during the irrigation cycle. Tensiometers results are read and recorded regularly. Graphed figures from each tube provide an accurate picture of soil moisture.

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- The SOILSPEC system requires very little maintenance
- It will provide years of reliable service
- The SOILSPEC Moisture Plot software is simple and super easy to use